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Industrial Hemp

The History of Hemp

The History of Hemp Hemp is gaining popularity in the U.S. as it becomes legal as an agricultural crop in many states. As a derivative of the cannabis plant family, hemp has many uses. This plant isn’t a new creation in the plant world. It’s been around for centuries and ...
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What We Do and Do Not Know about CBD

CBD or cannabidiol has become quite popular in recent years. Hype surrounding this product is continually growing and with it are more claims to fame. To hear many marketers, this is a miracle cure for just about anything that ails you, even terminal illnesses. CBD does have some important benefits, ...
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CBD Effects Has on Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Effects Marijuana, Including CBD, Has on Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

While many advocates and even critics admit to the relative safety of CBD and marijuana, especially compared to other products, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must consider any potential risks. Many medications and other products that are safe for the general population aren’t good for pregnant or nursing women. ...
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Question marks

Top Hangover Cure Myths

After a night of partying and drinking, you may have realized you overdid it just a bit. That pounding headache, wobbly legs, and dizzy feeling lets you know you’re paying for your fun. You decide to try one of the many hangover cures you’ve been told about. Unfortunately, many of ...
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Hangover causing a fast heart rate

Hangovers and Fast Heart Rates

You noticed the beautiful girl dancing with her friends or the handsome guy standing at the bar, and your heart rate sped up. You decided to have a drink of liquid courage before you went over to talk to them. Maybe you even got lucky enough to have a drink ...
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Hangover Dehydration - Ice Water

Dehydration from a Hangover

While you had a blast at the party or hanging out with friends, you don’t enjoy the effects from the hangover the next morning. One of the worst issues of drinking too much is that light-headed or dizzy feeling. Your world is spinning and you don’t want to move. Many ...
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What is Hanxiety?

What is Hangiexty?

Hangxiety may be a term you’ve never heard of, but you’ve probably experienced the sensation if you’ve ever had a hangover. Not everyone faces hangxiety, but it’s quite miserable if you do. It’s important to know what hangxiety is and what you can do about it. Defining Hangxiety Hangxiety is ...
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hangover headache

CBD for Hangover Headaches

A lot has been said about how CBD can help reduce the symptoms of the dreaded hangover. One of the most common and worst symptoms of drinking too much is the awful headache you wake up with the next morning. The pain can be so severe and so debilitating that ...
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Christmas Drinks

CBD for Holiday Hangovers

The office Christmas party, holiday dinners with friends and ringing in the New Year. All occasions offer alcohol and lots of laughs. Until the next morning when you don’t feel so good. Don’t let a hangover the next morning prevent you from enjoying this holiday season. Try CBD to get ...
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Top 10 Best Natural Hangover Cures

You had a lot of fun last night, but you partied just a bit too much. This morning you aren’t feeling so well from all the alcohol you enjoyed. Fortunately, you don’t have to tough it out. There are quite a few options to help you feel better from your ...
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