CBD for Hangover Headaches

A lot has been said about how CBD can help reduce the symptoms of the dreaded hangover. One of the most common and worst symptoms of drinking too much is the awful headache you wake up with the next morning. The pain can be so severe and so debilitating that you can barely even get out of bed.

A hangover headache can vary in intensity. It can be a mild discomfort that you must live with until it goes away. For others, it can bring on a migraine that causes real suffering you can’t get away from. In these cases, you want to take something to feel better ASAP.

CBD for Migraines

Cannabidiol oil is an active ingredient in marijuana, but it doesn’t cause the high you experience with the drug. CBD doesn’t alter your mind, but it does come with some big benefits, especially for those who suffer from hangovers.

No research has been done which shows CBD as a treatment for migraines, but some people do claim they experience relief after taking it. Research has shown positive effects of taking CBD oil for other conditions because it reduces pain and inflammation. It only makes sense it would do the same thing for migraines.

One study which was published back in 2017 showed that marijuana may treat migraines, but CBD oil alone has not been studied enough yet. Another study indicates that cannabis may help with chronic pain for those who want to stop using opioids for pain management. It has been used for arthritis as well as multiple sclerosis and other chronic conditions.

How CBD Works

Migraines are often made worse by tension. CBD oil can help you relax and increase blood flow, which will help alleviate the extreme pain associated with migraines. Even though there is little supporting evidence for the use of CBD in treating migraines, it has been shown to be effective in treating other inflammatory conditions. People have also reported that they feel better after taking CBD for their headaches.

Taken before bed, CBD can help you sleep better. This can help you wake up with less of a hangover. Poor sleep may not cause migraine headaches, but it can make them feel worse. Make sure you drink extra water as well because dehydration can lead to migraines as well.

Because the evidence isn’t conclusive to support the use of CBD for migraines, there is no standard dosage or protocol. If you choose to try it on your own, make sure you purchase it from a reputable company and start out with a low dose. Take it before you go to bed after an evening of fun and alcohol. This gives the CBD oil time to work before your hangover symptoms start.

CBD is safe to use, so you may want to try it the next time you plan to go out for the evening. You might notice that the next morning you don’t feel quite so bad. CBD oil can help reduce the severity of your hangover headache even if it doesn’t prevent it completely. And if you’re lucky, you may find you feel much better than you expected after partying.