CBD for Holiday Hangovers

The office Christmas party, holiday dinners with friends and ringing in the New Year. All occasions offer alcohol and lots of laughs. Until the next morning when you don’t feel so good. Don’t let a hangover the next morning prevent you from enjoying this holiday season. Try CBD to get rid of that hangover quickly, so you can be you again.

While a hangover can look different for each person, some symptoms are common. When you start experiencing these symptoms, you know the cause. You are likely to feel dizzy enough to make it difficult to get from your bedroom to the bathroom, much less any further. You may be nauseous and vomiting, leaving a painful stomach that lurches at the thought of food for several hours. You’re likely to be dehydrated and feel tired even if you can’t sleep. You might have a bad headache, even a migraine. You’re likely to feel irritable and short-tempered.

Why You Have a Hangover

The average person knows you get a hangover because you drank alcohol and the body is trying to get rid of the toxins. However, it’s difficult to say exactly what in the body causes the hangover. It can be made worse with lack of hydration.

Your body produces chemicals to get rid of the toxins, which could be another reason for your hangovers. Whatever the reason, hangovers can’t be prevented because your body must go through the process of getting rid of the alcohol you’ve consumed. For most, the best they can hope for is to reduce the severity and length of a hangover. They may try all kinds of tricks that others recommend. Some will work, and some won’t make a difference.

What About CBD for Hangovers?

CBD oils have been hailed as the cure-all for just about everything. In fact, it sounds so much like a miracle drug it can make you skeptical. Well, here’s another idea – try it for hangovers. You just might be surprised to find it works and you don’t have to suffer for hours.

The first thing you should know is what not to do. Don’t take CBD before you go out drinking. It will reduce the effects of alcohol, but that only allows you to drink even more. The end result will make the hangover even worse. Instead, take it after you finish partying or drinking. When you take it before going to bed, it has time to work before you get up the next morning.

Reports have shown that CBD helps reduce nausea and vomiting, which will help you feel better. If you wait until you’re feeling nauseous, it may be difficult to keep anything down, including CBD. You can take CBD drops and put them under your tongue. The oil has time to work without making you feel worse.

CBD can help alleviate your irritability and help your headache to go away. Different people note improvement from using CBD in different ways. At the same time, it doesn’t cause the high you get with THC or any other severe side effects.

The next time you’re planning to enjoy a fun night with your friends and you know you will be drinking, plan ahead to take CBD to prevent or reduce your hangover symptoms. Enjoy your holiday without the hangover.