Top 10 Best Natural Hangover Cures

You had a lot of fun last night, but you partied just a bit too much. This morning you aren’t feeling so well from all the alcohol you enjoyed. Fortunately, you don’t have to tough it out. There are quite a few options to help you feel better from your hangover. Here is a list of the top natural cures.

1. Get CBD

CBD is an active ingredient in marijuana, but it doesn’t cause the high you get with the drug-like THC. In fact, this is one cure for hangovers that offers a lot of benefits. Take a CBD pill for nausea and vomiting because it will settle your stomach. It can also help with mental fog, which is common after drinking. Anxiety and depression are common with a hangover, and CBD can alleviate those emotional lows because it stabilizes your emotions.

2. Take Some Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps your brain and nervous system, which can reduce the anxiety or depression you may feel with a hangover. These vitamins also break down the alcohol, so it leaves your system sooner. Vitamin C can also be taken the enhance the effects of vitamin B. When choosing vitamin B, you should choose the entire B complex instead of just one of the eight.

3. Get Some Charcoal

Charcoal has been popular for stomach issues over the years, and it can help with alcohol. It’s recommended to get charcoal pills and keep them on hand. Take one before you go out for the evening. Take a second pill when you get home. However, you won’t want to take any other medications within two hours of taking the charcoal or neither will work.

4. Drink Kombucha

Kombucha is a drink that can calm your stomach after having a few too many drinks. You’ll find this drink in many different flavors to suit just about any taste.

5. Replace Your Regular Water with Coconut Water

You may know that dehydration is a common problem with drinking because alcohol depletes your system of water. Even though it’s a good idea to increase your water intake, it’s even better to replace your regular water with coconut water. Coconut water includes electrolytes which you have also lost from your night of partying. You can drink Gatorade or other liquid beverages, but they often contain extra sugar which can delay your recovery.

6. Eat Sugar

Sugar can speed up the metabolism of alcohol, which can help stop a hangover. You’ll want to have some sugar with your drinks because it metabolizes fast, so it does no good to eat a candy bar or drink orange juice before you start drinking.

7. Eat a Good Breakfast

Even if you don’t feel like eating much the morning after, you need to get calories back into your system. Choose foods that digest easily, such as cereal. Toast is another good option that requires very little effort.

8. Keep Ginger on Hand

Ginger is popular in stopping nausea and vomiting. Ginger tea or just a pinch of ground ginger may do the trick. Combine it with brown sugar and tangerine pith to reduce the nausea you feel.

9. Take a Nap

You may not sleep well after your partying, which will make you feel worse the next day. Take a long nap the following day to help you get back on track.

10. Eat Pickles

Pickled foods replace probiotics that are lost from alcohol. Probiotics are good bacteria that help create a healthy environment in your stomach and intestines. You can get probiotic pills or eat foods that are rich in them. Pickles and pickled foods are a great source, but you will need to find those kept refrigerated. Pickled foods on the shelf will have been processed too much to have any of the good bacteria you need.

Try one or more of these natural hangover cures to see which work best for you. With the right options, it’s possible to have fun all night without paying the price the next day.