Top Hangover Cure Myths

After a night of partying and drinking, you may have realized you overdid it just a bit. That pounding headache, wobbly legs, and dizzy feeling lets you know you’re paying for your fun. You decide to try one of the many hangover cures you’ve been told about. Unfortunately, many of the recommendations are myths that won’t do much for the nausea, muscle pain, or general “blah” feeling. Here are some common myths about hangover cures that you should be aware of.

Drink a Glass of Water Before Going to Bed

The idea behind this myth is that drinking alcohol dehydrates you, so drinking an extra glass of water will counteract the hangover symptoms because you’ll be hydrated. While this myth is partially true, it won’t solve all your problems. Drinking more water will help your body get rid of the toxins from alcohol faster, but it won’t prevent the symptoms of a hangover until those toxins are gone. Drinking more water won’t prevent a hangover, but it could shorten the time you have one.

Try Hair of the Dog to Get Rid of a Hangover

Hair of the dog refers to having a drink in the morning after your evening’s activities. The idea is that another beer or glass of wine will stop the hangover symptoms. While it’s true that you will probably feel better after a drink, it merely postpones the pain rather than stopping it. Your body will still have to process the toxins from this new drink along with the other drinks you had last night.

Drink Different Kinds of Alcohol or Stick with One Kind

These are two different myths that have the same idea. They suggest that what you drink has a big impact on how you feel the next day. Some people say to switch it up and drink some hard liquor along with your beers while others say to stick with one kind of alcohol to keep your body from responding with a hangover. Both of these are false. Some drinks will cause a worse hangover because you can drink more. Carbonated drinks like champagne can make your blood alcohol levels go up faster, which can lead to a worse hangover. Sugary or fruity drinks may make it easier to drink more, which would mean more alcohol to process and feeling worse the next day.

Eat Food When You Feel Hungover

Food can help with a hangover but not when you’re already feeling nauseous. The time to eat a meal is before you start drinking or while you’re enjoying your drinks. Food will help slow down the way your body absorbs the alcohol and keep the blood alcohol level from spiking. Eating when you’re already hungover won’t help because your body is already processing the alcohol.

Nothing Works for a Hangover

This is a depressing myth often told by those who haven’t found anything helpful. They have bought into the other myths, tried them, and saw that they have failed. The truth is that some of these myths when changed slightly or when you’re made more aware of what causes a hangover can help you not feel quite so bad after a night of drinking. Other “cures” exist that will also help prevent those terrible symptoms, such as CBD oil. Products like this follow the science of a hangover and work to prevent the symptoms by dealing with the reasons behind them. It’s a safe way to get rid of a hangover headache and to help reduce nausea and dizziness.

If you’re planning to party and enjoy a few drinks, know what works for the morning after and what won’t help you. Stop following the myths and get real help with CBD TOX.