Ah, the dreaded nightmarish regretful queasy confusing hellish worrisome morning after

Let's face it. Alcohol is a fickle b*tch.

One night you're all Jack in Titanic and King/Queen of the World,
the next morning you awake to surging stress levels as you frantically piece your life together.
It's called Hangxiety and it's as real as your headache.

Hangxiety > Hangover

That's the thing about the morning after. It's not just that your body is protesting the alcohol in your system. Nah, it's worse. Your serotonin levels are taking a treacherous nose-dive causing a mental and emotional tailspin.

The Good News?

You're not alone. Thanks to Reddit threads, we now know there is term for this deep-rooted, day-after fear. It's Hangxiety.
And thanks to CBD-Tox, there's now help.

Cannabis--The hangover helper we've been waiting for

No, we're not replacing your low with another high. CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis with a wide range of health and wellness benefits that makes it the perfect wingman in the morning-after struggle. Here's the lineup of benefits:

Reduces nausea

Go from spinning to winning. Avoid the porcelain throne.

Energy Boost

Promotes energy and helps improve focus so you can power through your morning meeting like a pro

Proven Science

It's a powerful antioxidant and neuroprotectant that repairs cells damaged by heavy drinking.

Easy to Take

Easy-to-swallow capsules is all you need. No messing with gross-tasting sugary drinks.

Reduce Anxiety

No you probably didn't offend your best friend last night. Stop freaking out.

Reduces Pain

Excellent for managing pain. Read: Adios, hangover headaches

But wait, there's more.

We gave CBD a whole squad of
hangover-fighting sidekicks with CBD-Tox's proprietary blends:


Powerful ingredients like prickly pear, acai berry extract, and taurine take care of your immediate symptoms while also preventing fat build up in the liver to decrease damage.


Packed with Milk Thistle, DHM, Glutamine, BCAA, Pepper and Inosital. These "wonder-fuels" help breakdown of toxins from drinking alcohol, such as acetaldehyde and ethanol, and minimize alcohol's "rebound effect" which helps combat depression, anxiety and panic attacks.


Short of strapping an IV to your arm, our hydration blend is the best out. Potassium, Magnesium, NAC, and B-12 help you quickly replace lost electrolytes.

You read this far,
you def need some CBD-TOX

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