New formula to beat
alcohol's low without the high

In 2002, in order to adhere to state regulations, we removed N-acetyl-cysteine and increased the amount of cannabidiol and added cannabigerol. All of which helped CBD-Tox better address the physical, mental, and emotional lows of a hangover.

Fix Me Now

The science of CBD-TOX

Wait. You're telling me drugs are the answer to drinking? No, not at all.
CBD is an extract of the cannabis plant that has been found to have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective qualities without getting you high.
It's legal. It's real. And it works.

More Science

The Hangxiety is real

You wake up with a pounding head and a tidal wave of nausea hits you...anxiety creeps in as you try to remember what you did or said last night.

Yes, there's a term for that. And now there's help.

Are you Hangxious?

Take Two of These and
Call No One in the Morning

Enter CBD-Tox. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it's the help you never knew you needed.

Oh hell yes, I need this